This project focuses on education, activation and involvement of diverse social groups - residents of the nearest areas of Górażdże Limestone Quarry in order to gather information about the area wildlife. For the needs of education and interest in the subject of natural diversity residents will use a high quality, innovative tool - "Bumblebee Detector" app. The social monitoring of bumblebees  within the Quarry surroundings  will allow to compare gathered data with the results obtained in previous editions of Quarry Lifee Award contest . In order to acquire the target, it is necessary to reach as many people as possible, ie pupils, municipality representatives and locals gathered in NGOs. Nature and Human Association  members are planning to use a variety of information and education tools in their contacts with the local communities. For the promotion of the project,  mixes of flowering plant seeds will be purposely prepared and distributed amongst local community members . These seeds were collected from the Quarry area during the previous edition of QLA . Undoubtedly, the promotion of this project will be also a photo exhibition entitled " "Unusual world of bees" which the project team intends to organize in the Community Center in Gogolin. The exhibition intents to introduce the diversity of this extraordinary group of insects to visitors - members of local communities.

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